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Ballista Siege

This is the second set in my series of custom modular Castle sets. It is similar in size and part count to what an official set would be. The wall can hinge and features a breakable wall panel for the ballista to knock down. The ballista actually works and is surprisingly powerful. Total piece count, including figs is 168 parts. See the ballista in action here: Youtube

All prices include shipping to anywhere in the US. Price for the complete set is $35 Without the minifigs: $25 For just the wall and defending soldier: $25 And for just the ballista and attacking soldier: $15

Use the ballista to break through the wall.

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Ballista Siege, front Ballista Siege, front Ballista Siege, back Ballista Siege, closed Ballista Siege, ballista Ballista Siege, figs
An original creation by Isaac Snyder